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Running Development Academy (RDA) is committed to:


  1. The facilitation of athletic scholarships to Colleges in the USA for those children who meet the qualifying standards. This program is a year round program.
  2. Providing SAT classes to better prepare athletes to be successful on the SAT examination.
  3. Providing children and young adults in challenged environments with a safe nurturing place where they can develop more than just skills for track and field.
  4. The development of Skills 4 Life so athletes can grow up to be healthy, influential, contributing members of their communities.
  5. The development of a Life program that focuses on dealing with gender issues, violence, and building leadership.
  6. Provides the skills and support young people need to play team sports and face the many challenges of growing up in communities plagued with poverty and crime.


Provides a team of MVP volunteers and All Star staff that are on the ground and help achieve long-lasting community benefits, such as:


  • Distributes athletic equipment we collect from around the United States Canada and the World.
  • Organizing track meets.
  • Trains coaches to deliver Skills 4 Life.
  • Builds and maintaining Tracks.
  • Partners with other social development organizations.
  • Facilitates exchanges and collaborations.
  • Creates job opportunities and increasing employ-ability of young people through community service.